Kinistino Lodge No. 1, Prince Albert


2nd Thursday
7:30 p.m.
Recessed: July, August


292-15th Ave E.
Prince Albert


Secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

District No. 1


Instituted: 1879

Constituted: Kinistino No. 1, 1906

Amalgamated: Prince Albert No. 63, 1990

Amalgamated: Wakaw No.166 and Birch Hills No. 127, 1966
(New name: Birch Hills-Wakaw No. 127)
Amalgamated: Birch Hills-Wakaw No.127 and Northern Star No. 216, 1973
Amalgamated: Shellbrook No.171 and Northern Star No. 216, 1994
Amalgamated: Northern Star No.216, 1998



In 1879 Prince Albert was a small village on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River. The closest contact with the outside world was Winnipeg, 700 miles away. A dispensation, dated May 22, 1879, was granted by the Grand Lodge of Canada to organize a Lodge in Prince Albert to be named Kinistino #381, "Kinistino" being the generic mane of a Cree tribe of Indians. The first meeting was held over Bro Porter's office on October 3, 1879. In 1882 the lodge surrendered its charter to the Grand Lodge of Canada and accepted a charter from the Grand Lodge of Manitoba as Kinistino Lodge #16.
In 1883 the Lodge moved its meeting place to quarters in the Tresson Building on River Street followed, In 1887, to a room over T.H. Campbell's store. This was followed by another move to a building owned by Shenff O.E. Hughes on Government Road, this latter building later becoming the American Hotel.
An agreement was made with a contractor in 1904 to build a hall, which the lodge would rent for $35.00 a month with an option to purchase for $7,000.00 anytime within three years. The first meeting was held In the new hall on S1. John's Day, December 27,1905.
The last meeting of Kinistino Lodge under its old designation as Lodge #16 was held on July 6, 1906.
Then on Fnday, September 7, 1906, it met for the first time as Kinistino Lodge #1 under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan.
On Friday, June 17, 1910, MW Bro W. B. Tate, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, laid the cornerstone of the Masonic Temple erected on 10th Street between Central Avenue and First Avenue West. December 2, 1910, marked the first meeting in the new building.
The years have brought many changes and even another Temple. 

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