"Dispensing Light through Happiness”

April is the second month of the spring season and the fourth month of the year. In this month, the winter snow melts and spring rains nourish the earth, which warms and opens up to give new life to grass, trees and flowers. The name April comes from the Latin word meaning “to open.”

GM Musings Apr 2022 [PDF]

Brethren: We have just passed the 2nd anniversary of the WHO declaring a world pandemic, and now we stand on the precipice of World War III. I would rather write about happy circumstances, but we have to play the cards we are dealt. My heart goes out to the men, women and children in Ukraine. Please consider donating to the Canadian Red Cross “Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.” I am not sure what or how much more calamity this world can handle. There will always be two types of people in this world, peace-loving and turbulent, or good and evil. The King James Bible says: “ Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he will also reap.” Evil begets evil and happiness begets happiness. The world needs more men practicing the tenets and principles of Freemasonry.

The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan 2022 Communication will be held in Swift Current on June 16, 17, 18, 2022 at the Living Sky Casino Event Centre. Hotel rooms may be booked at a special rate at the Home Inn and Suites, Swift Current. We will start off with a Wine and Cheese Thursday night and a banquet and entertainment on Friday night. Plan to attend and experience southwestern Saskatchewan hospitality.

Masonic Youth Leadership Camp will be held on August 7-12, 2022 at the Green Grove Camp at Wakaw Lake. We need campers, counselors and night supervisors. Please contact RW Bro. Jonas Cossette for further information.

Fidelity: is defined as faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support. The word fidelity was derived from the Latin word Fidelitas. Fides is a Roman god, identified by faith and loyalty, symbolized by a pair of clasped hands or two human figures holding each other by the right hand. The sign of fidelity is one of the first signs we are taught when we are initiated, and we are constantly reminded to exemplify our fidelity to the Craft by adhering to the Constitution and the ancient landmarks of the order. For fidelity to remain strong in any relationship, the virtues of Honour, Truth and Faith have to be practiced in earnest by both parties. This is true whether it is your relationship with your friends, in your marriage, or with your fellow Masonic brother.

“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”
Helen Keller

Happy Easter! May you and your families be able to celebrate Easter with joy, happiness and peace.

Stay safe and Happy!

MW Bro. Dan Olmsted, Grand Master, 2021-2022