Becoming a Mason

What is Freemasonry?


A Philosophy for Better Living

Freemasonry improves how you understand yourself and relate to other people. Our system of degrees use the metaphor of building King Solomon’s Temple. This helps teach you how to build and beautify the inner temple of your mind and soul.


A Local and Global Fraternity

When you become a Mason, you get to meet a wide variety of men across professions and personal interests in the city. This will expand your sense of community and help you build lasting friendships. And you can visit lodges in many nations around the world.


A Way to be Happier

We don’t meet only to pay the lodge’s bills or listen to lectures. There’s a real social component for having fun among members and their families.

What isn't Freemasonry?


A Secret Society

Nothing you do or commit to in a lodge will conflict with your moral, civil, or religious duties.

The only secrets we keep are the ways in which Masons can prove their membership to other Masons.


A Religion

Freemasonry is open to anyone with a spiritual belief in some form of Supreme Being. It doesn’t replace or conflict with whatever religious practices you have already.

This means that men from a wide variety of faiths can join. But you can’t be an atheist or agnostic.


A Fast-Track to Influence

If you think Freemasonry is a quick ticket to power and wealth, think again. It’s not a network of the elite but does attract men active in their community.

Next Steps


Be at least 18 years of age

Believe in a Supreme Being (this covers many recognized religious or spiritual systems)

Have resided in Saskatchewan for the six months prior to petitioning

Declare that you wish to join of your own free will. That is, nobody pressured you and you have a clear idea of what you expect in joining.

Starting the Process

Still want to know more?
We have a longer set of Frequently Asked Questions.

You can contact us via email at or by telephone at
306-522-5686. We can help direct you to a lodge.