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Concordant Bodies

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Saskatchewan

Royal Arch Masonry is the first order a Master Mason joins in the York Rite. The Chapter works the following degrees: The Mark Master Mason degree is in some respects an extension of the Fellow Crafts' degree, the Most Excellent Master degree - the building of King Solomon's Temple, which figures so prominently in Craft Lodge, has been completed, and the Royal Arch Mason degree, which is said by many to be the most beautiful degree in all of Freemasonry.

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada

"The Scottish Rite" is a system of Masonic degrees which elaborate and supplement the content of the three Craft degrees. It recognizes the supremacy and exclusive jurisdiction of Grand Lodges over the first three degrees of Masonry and Masonic funeral rites and ceremonies. It greatly strengthens and extends their teachings by ritual, drama, and allegory.

The Scottish Rite holds that no degree has a higher value than that of Master Mason. The instruction given in the Craft degrees is, however, seldom fully grasped by the candidate. He needs further instruction and enlightenment to understand the great truths which Freemasonry possesses and which Freemasonry teaches.

The first three degrees are but the wonderful entrance to the great Temple of Freemasonry. He who would seek more light, more knowledge of the mission and symbolism of Freemasonry, a more complete interpretation of the teachings of the Craft degrees, as well as acceptance into a very special fellowship and Brotherhood, can obtain these within the Scottish Rite. The Craft degrees are the ground base of Masonry. Without them, Freemasonry would not exist. The Scottish Rite builds a superstructure on this firm base, and so provides a means whereby the earnest seeker after truth may receive further and deeper knowledge and understanding of the same great truths.

Shriners International (Wa Wa Temple)

Shriners International is an international fraternity of approximately 400,000 members who belong to one of more than 200 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Republic of Panama, Brazil, Germany and the Phillipines.

Thirteen Masons founded the Shrine in New York City in 1872 on the basis of the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. A man must be a Master Mason in good standing before he can petition to become a member, referred to as becoming a Noble, of the Shriners International.

Order of the Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both women and men may belong. Worldwide, there are approximately 1 million members under the General Grand Chapter.

Eastern Star is a social order comprised of persons with spiritual values, but it is not a religion.