"Dispensing Light through Happiness”

March, which was the first month of the year, is now the third. To this month, the first of spring, the name of the famous Mars, god of war was given. Mars was fond of storm and strife, and the name was very appropriate for this windy stormy month.

GM Musings Mar 2022 [PDF]

Brethren: Will March come in like a Lion or a Lamb? Will COVID-19 cease to be a pandemic, or will the virus continue to mutate and delay the world from getting back to normal?

We do know that restrictions are being lifted, but the virus has not disappeared. We must remain cognizant of the fact that the virus still poses a threat to some people; however, we can’t let the virus stop us from moving forward, although with some adaptations to maintain a safe environment for those still at risk.

Lodges in Saskatchewan should start to focus on re-connecting and re-engaging in Masonic activities.
Lodges should consider discussing the following questions

  • What adaptations or innovations improved fellowship during the pandemic?
  • Which ones do we want to maintain?
  • What practices from the pre-pandemic era do we want to abandon?
  • What challenges do we face coming out of this pandemic?

It will take a bit of time for lodges and brethren to find their comfort level with face-to-face Masonic activities, post pandemic. The Grand Line and the BOGP standing committees are willing to assist Lodges to resume activities at pre-pandemic levels with renewed enthusiasm and confidence.

We will be hosting the Masonic Youth Leadership Camp for the first time since the summer of 2019. It will be held on August 7 – 12, 2022 at Green Grove Camp, Wakaw Lake. We will need campers, counsellors, night supervisors and presenters. If you can help out with any of these, please contact our GSW, RW Bro. Jonas Cossette.

Beware of the “Ides of March:” We are all familiar with this saying made famous by the Shakespeare play “Julius Caesar.” The COVID lockdowns were implemented two years ago on March 14, 2020, which was one day prior to the Ides of March. Ides simply means the middle. The Romans used to count back from three fixed points of the month. Nones was the 5th or 7th depending on the length of the month. The ides was the 13th or 15th of the month and the Kalends was the 1st of the following month. The Ides was determined by the full moon. March is the 3rd month of the Julian Calendar but March was the first month of the year on the oldest Roman Calendar. The Ides of March on the earliest calendar indicated the first full moon of the year and was celebrated with food, drink and merriment, just as we traditionally celebrate the bringing in of the New Year on January 1st.

"May your best day of your past be the worst day of your future."
Irish Blessing

“May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.”
Irish Blessing

Stay safe and Happy!

MW Bro. Dan Olmsted, Grand Master, 2021-2022