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MW Bro. Jonas Cossette , Grand Master, 2023-24

GM Musting March 2024 - Cossette



Greetings Brethren,

I can hardly believe it is March. There are many great events which happen in the month of March each year, from Naw-Ruz celebrating the Baha’i New Year; Hola Mohalla - a Sikh Festival; Purim commemorating the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia; Holi - a Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of spring; the Islamic New Year; Lailat al-Miraj celebrating the beginning of the new Lunar New Year; the Night Journey and Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad; and St. Patrick's Day- the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland.

Some of these special days direct their particular followers to an observation of moderation, or abstinence, while some of these celebrations can lead to overindulgence. If we were to consider these two aspects as halves of the same whole, we can observe the ideals of temperance.

The Spring Equinox will occur on March 20th in 2024. It is an auspicious occasion which showcases the equality and balance which must be observed from time to time. For that brief 24-hour period, day and night will be in balance. This rare moment of the Night tempering the Day, while the Day is equally Tempering the Night, is as good as any to discuss that Masonic Virtue of Temperance.

In ethics and philosophy, Temperance reflects the idea that a balanced and measured approach to life contributes to personal well-being and the well-being of a community. The concept of Temperance is found in various cultural and philosophical traditions, emphasizing the importance of avoiding extremes and cultivating a disciplined and balanced lifestyle. Temperance, directly built from the Virtue of Prudence, ensures that we may take level steps towards our goals, by not being too hasty, nor by being too cautious, in advancing towards those goals that we have set for ourselves.

The central idea is that Ego often leads to destructive behaviors such as arrogance, overconfidence, and impulsiveness. The author advocates for cultivating humility, self-discipline, and a measured approach to one's actions, in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Consistent with the idea of Continual Renewal, our next Annual Communication is coming up in June. The 2024 Grand Lodge Communication will be held in Regina, Sask. from the 20th of June through to the 22nd of June. Please keep your eyes open for future communications regarding this event.


MW Bro. Jonas Cossette, Grand Master, 2023-24

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